Short Courses

Lowell Program in Economic Geology Short Courses

Lowell Program Topics on Ore Deposits Mapping

This advanced field course will teach how mapping is used to understand mineral zoning, time-space relations, and fundamental phase equilibria.

Lowell Topics on Mineral Deposits Types

Discover how mineral exploration geology can influence aspects of mining through the study of lithologic, structural, and geochemical characteristics of different deposit types.

Structural Geology for Exploration and Mine Geologists

Learn how structural geology impacts mineral production, development, and exploration​​.

Integrated Planning Series

Series of courses designed to remove communication barriers and improve collaboration among geologists, mining engineers, and metallurgists. Each course introduces the fundamentals and role of one profession - geologists, engineers, and metallurgists in the mining industry.

Geological Inputs to Integrated Planning

Learn about the role of geology and geologists in exploration, mine operations and business planning.

Mine Engineering Inputs to Integrated Planning

Learn about role of mining engineering and engineers in project valuation, development, and operation.

Metallurgical Inputs to Integrated Planning

Learn about the role of metallurgy and metallurgists in mine design, operations, and planning.