New: Graduate Certificate in Mineral Resource Geology

Build your expertise in mineral resource geology and related fields 
by combining a unique set of online and intensive field offerings!

scientist loading sample into a laser

Advanced education related to the assessment, discovery, production, and allied requirements of minerals

group of students at an outlook over a mine

For early to mid-career and recent graduates seeking both specialized and interdisciplinary training

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12 credit units, modular curriculum with in-person and online courses

Scholarships available!

Choose from a variety of courses

  • Economic Mineral Deposits
  • Ore Deposits Mapping
  • Topics in Mineral Deposit Types
  • Structural Geology for Exploration and Mine Geologists
  • Petrological and Geochemical Principles for Resource Geology
  • Mineralogical Principles for Resource Geology
  • Inputs to Integrated Mine Planning series (Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Mine Geology) 
  • Geometallurgy

    ... among others in Geosciences, Mining Engineering, Mining Law, etc.

On completion of the certificate you will...

  • Understand ore deposit types, their global distribution, and formation processes
  • Be familiar with the breadth of concepts, tools and best practices in mineral resource geology
  • Produce and interpret best practice geological maps, sections, and related data on mineral systems
  • Contextualize and communicate minerals industry information to professional and non-professional audiences

This certificate is a collaboration between the Department of Geosciences and the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources. Cooperative activities are coordinated through the School of Mining and Mineral Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral resources play a vital role in many areas, including the energy transition, as we strive to achieve a net-zero emissions economy. Now more than ever, there is a pressing need for a skilled, diverse, and growing workforce to drive the development of the critical mineral sector. This workforce will be crucial in meeting the challenges and demands of a rapidly evolving and sustainable global economy.

As one of the few programs nationally and the only one within Arizona, the Lowell Program in Economic Geology at the Geosciences Department has an exemplary history of university- and professional-level education and research on mineral resource topics.

Designed and led by University of Arizona faculty and industry experts, the Graduate Certificate in Mineral Resource Geology (GC-MRG) will prepare you to start or advance your career in the diverse fields related to the assessment, discovery, production, and allied requirements of minerals.

The experience can be highly tailored to individual needs. Our unique field courses make use of the geologic features of Arizona and bordering states. Just like the Inputs to Integrated Planning series, they were designed in consultation with industry experts, ensuring meaningful and relevant credentials. Combine in-person classes with on-line learning for added flexibility.

The industry is set for growth! With the increasing demand for minerals, opportunities exist globally. In the USA alone, projections indicate the need to expand the geoscience workforce by over 6 percent per year over the next 5 years. In Arizona, the nation's leading producer of copper anticipated growth rate is over 9 percent, for the same time period. 

Holding a BS or equivalent geoscience-related degree and meeting admissions criteria of the Graduate College, 2.75 GPA (minimum).


There is no minimum time. In principle the certificate can be completed in as little as one semester.

Please contact Program Director Marta Codeço at

Regular tuition applies for credit-bearing courses. Scholarships are available! Please contact Program Director Marta Codeço at

Yes, courses can be credited towards another Graduate Program in Geosciences and other programs.

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