Lucas Brown

PSM (Professional Science Master's) Student
graduation expected in 2025

About me

Hi! I’m a first-year (technically) PSM student studying economic geology, advised by Dr. Mark Barton. My goal with this degree is to be amply prepared for a career in mineral exploration.

My interests are broad and spread across a variety of different subdisciplines. In terms of economic geology, sediment-hosted gold has been my primary focus. I also have a strong interest in LCT-type pegmatites and sediment-hosted ores besides gold. Outside of economic geology, I wish to learn more about tectonics on a regional scale and structure on a local scale (fault architecture and kinematics).

When I’m not doing schoolwork, I typically spend my time doing something outdoors like hiking, mineral collecting, skiing, mountain biking, or climbing. I also enjoy playing and writing music.


2022 - BSc in Geology, Central Connecticut State University

Project Description

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Barton

Characterization, Context, and Paragenesis of Hypogene Ore at the Florida Canyon Deposit: Implications for the Genetic Model (working title)

I am currently discussing potential thesis topics and logistics with Argonaut Gold. If everything works out, I will be working at their Florida Canyon deposit outside of Lovelock, NV. It is a sediment-hosted low-sulfidation epithermal gold deposit that appears to be amagmatic with an adjacent geothermal system.