Elijah Mullins

MS Student

About me

After serving five years as a US Navy aviation mechanic, I've switched gears from the sea to land and am passionate about engaging directly with Earth's geological narrative through the examination of rock in the field and within the lab. My focus lies in charting a path towards a career within the mining industry, with a particular emphasis on comprehending the structural and geochemical intricacies of ore deposits. My overarching objective is to contribute to the ongoing accumulation of knowledge in the realm of economic geology. This endeavor is driven by the aspiration to unearth and exploit mineral deposits that exhibit viable economic potential, all while minimizing the ecological footprint associated with extraction. Foremost among my ambitions is to champion the significance of minerals in the context of fostering sustainable development in the 21st century.


2022 - BS in Earth Sciences, Ohio State University

Project Description

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Barton

Sodic metasomatism, related mineralization, and magmatism near Lake Mead, Arizona and Nevada (working title)

The focus of my ongoing Master's thesis revolves around a detailed examination of peralkaline sodic metasomatism within a Miocene quartz monzonite pluton. Through the utilization of the Anaconda-style geologic mapping approach, I aim to explain crucial aspects, including the timing of alteration events, the spatial scope of the alteration phenomenon, the reasons behind the peralkaline mineralization characteristics, and the potential ramifications on the origin of the fluids responsible for the alteration process.