Camila Sojo

2nd-year Fulbright PhD student (expected graduation: 2026)

About me

I am a geologist from San Juan, Argentina. Currently, I am a Fulbright doctorate student under Dr. Hervé Rezeau’s supervision in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona.

My interests are mainly focused in magmatic-hydrothermal systems, particularly Porphyry Copper Systems. I got my undergraduate degree from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in 2017 and during my university studies, I got involved in different areas of Earth Sciences. In 2018, I was awarded an internship at The Climate Institute in Washington D.C. After this amazing experience, I returned to my home country, and I worked as an exploration geologist on a copper porphyry project in the Andes Mountains. Nowadays, my doctoral studies focus on understanding the evolution and the magmatic-hydrothermal processes of the Filo Del Sol porphyry-epithermal system, in Argentina.

In my spare time I enjoy learning new languages ​​and sharing time with my family, always accompanied by a mate (Argentinian drink).


2017 – Bachelor in Geological Sciences, Universidad Nacional de San Juan (ARG).

Project Description

Supervisor: Dr. Hervé Rezeau
Understanding the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution and ore distribution of Filo del Sol, San Juan, Argentina.

My PhD research involves different areas such as geochronology of ore-related intrusions, detailed petrography, in-situ geochemistry, and mineralogy.