Lowell Program in Economic Geology

A post-graduate education and training program for geologists in the mineral industry

LPEG/Field Courses

2021-2022  Lowell Program in Economic Geology Short  Courses

Ore Deposits Mapping Short Course 2021 (15th Annual) (GEOS 504B) 

Arrive in Las Vegas Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Short Course runs from Thursday September 2- Saturday September 11, 2021

Leave Las Vegas Sunday September 12

Field Course

This intensive field course deals with advanced methods in ore deposits mapping. Hydrothermal fluid systems are examined in the context of local to regional structural and magmatic evolution, highlighting how mapping is used to understand mineral zoning, time-space relations, and fundamental phase equilibria. The course includes lectures, mapping exercises, and field trips.

Length: 10 days Place:  Nevada and California
Instructors: Mark Barton, Eric Seedorff
Course Number: GEOS 504B, 1 unit
Non-credit Cost:

$3,500 before 7/23/21

$3,700 after 7/23/21

Registration Deadline: August 16, 2021

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Porphyry Short Course 2021 (17th Annual)(GEOS 504C)

Short Course on Cu, Mo, and Au Porphyry Deposits

December 7-16,  2021

Lecture, Laboratory, and Field Course

This intensive course deals with the lithologic, structural, and geochemical characteristics of porphyry deposit types. It focuses on mineral exploration geology and how it can influence metallurgical, engineering, economic, and historical aspects of mining. The course includes lectures, laboratory exercises, and field trips to selected ore systems.

Length: 10 days
Place: Marriot University Park Hotel
Field Sites: Arizona
Laboratory: UA Gould-Simpson Building Instructors: Eric Seedorff, Mark Barton,   & others
Course Number: GEOS 504C, 1 unit
Non-credit Cost:

$3,200 before November 12, 2021

$3,400 after November 12, 2021

Registration Deadline: November 19 

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                                            Leadership: Inventing the Future

A Breakthrough Leadership Program for the Mining Industry and Its Stakeholders

January 11-14th, 2020


We are pleased to announce that the University of Arizona Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources and Vanto Group are jointly sponsoring a Mining Leadership Program. The third annual offering will be held on January 11-14, 2020. This four-day program is jointly sponsored by the University of Arizona Institute for Mineral Resources and executives of Vanto Group.

Leadership: Inventing the Future Information Packet

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 Please contact Rocío Brambila at brambila@email.arizona.edu, phone: +1 (520)626-4962, to register.

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Rocio Brambila

Department of Geosciences

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